About Corporate Living By Regency

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing is typically looked as an alternative to hotel stays. It’s utilized by people who are in need of some type of housing accommodations for a longer duration of time, typically 30 days or longer. Corporate housing, temporary housing, and furnished apartments are synonymous with one another. We chose to call ourselves, “Regency Corporate Living” versus “Regency Corporate Housing,” or “Regency Temporary Housing,” or “Regency Furnished Apartments,” because our mission is to be a pioneer in our industry and not fall into suit with the same cookie-cutter furnished apartments that so many other providers have chose to support.

Cookie cutter apartments are not homes and we have steered away from offering the same hum drum units. We here at Regency believe that our customers can do what they want with their money. We want you to choose us because we cater to your needs. Regency’s goal is to provide extraordinary accommodations at competitive prices. We believe that by choosing us you are going to have the best experience that is personal to you.