Regency Corporate Living

Where it always feels like home!

We call California home and want to share our lifestyle, the warmth, culture, history, landscapes and gourmet experiences with each of our guests.

We at Regency offer more than just luxury accommodations at an affordable price, we deliver a sanctuary that you can call home while here in California. No matter the duration of your stay; from a few days, to a couple of weeks or for an extended stay, we strive to make your time with us comfortable and accommodating.

It all starts with our Location Selection Process (LSP). Our team personally visits hundreds of properties each year armed with two things: a critical eye for comfort and the dedication to provide our guests with a temporary place to call home. We only select the very best for our guests.

Unique Experience

Our detailed evaluations focus on finding our location’s unique experience factors:

  • Property amenities, services and overall facilities
  • Local eateries and grocers as well as entertainment and shops
  • Gyms, personal trainers, hiking and biking trails
  • Educational options from K-12 and beyond
  • Local transportation and proximity to major highways
  • Safety and security protocols

Featured Properties


Blu Harbor

Redwood City, CA



San Mateo, CA


Eaves Freemont

Freemont, CA

We ask our team at the end of every property assessment, “Does it feel like home?” and when they say “Yes”, we know we have selected a place where you can slip off your shoes at the door, turn on some music, snack on some treats from the local market and truly feel that you are home.